Nasreddin wanted to buy some new clothes, so he went to

a shop. First he asked for some trousers and put them on,

but then he took them off and gave them back to the shopkeeper and said, 'No, give me a coat instead of these.'

The man gave him a coat, and said, 'This one costs the

same as the trousers.' Nasreddin took the coat and walked

out of the shop with it. The shopkeeper ran after him and

said, 'You have not paid for that coat!'

'But I gave you the trousers for the coat,' said Nasreddin.

'They cost the same as the coat, didn't they?'

'Yes,' said the shopkeeper, 'But you didn't pay for the

trousers either!'

'Of course I didn't!' answered Nasreddin. 'I did not take

them. I am not stupid! Nobody gives things back and then

pays for them!'

What did Nasreddin want to do ?

Where did he go ?

What did he do there first ?

What did he do then ?

What did he say ?

What did the shopkeeper do ?

What did he say ?

What did Nasreddin do then ?

What did the shopkeeper do ?

What did he say ?

What was Nasreddin's answer ?

What did the shopkeeper say ?

What did Nasreddin say then ?


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