One day Mr Robinson saw a lady in the street with ten

children. He was very surprised because all the children

were wearing the same clothes—white caps, dark blue coats

and grey trousers.

'Are all those children yours?' he asked the mother.

'Yes, they are,' she answered.

'Do you always dress them in the same clothes?' asked

Mr Robinson.

'Yes,' answered the mother. 'When we had only four

children, we dressed them in the same clothes because we

did not want to lose any of them. It was easy to see our children

when they were among other children, because they were

all wearing the same clothes. And now, when we have ten,

we dress them like this because we do not want to take other

children home too by mistake. When there are other children

among ours, it is easy to see them, because their clothes are


What did Mr Robinson see one morning ?

Where did he see this ?

How did he feel about it ?

Why did he feel like this ?

What did he say ?

What did the lady answer ?

What did Mr Robinson say then ?

What was the lady's answer ?

Why did she dress her children like that when she had four ?

Why did she dress them like that when she had ten ?


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