Mrs Andrews had a young cat, and it was the cat's first winter.

One evening it was outside when it began to snow heavily.

Mrs Andrews looked everywhere and shouted its name, but

she did not find it, so she telephoned the police and said,

'I have lost a small black cat. Has anybody found one?'

'No, madam,' said the policeman at the other end. 'But

cats are really very strong animals. They sometimes live for

days in the snow, and when it melts or somebody finds them,

they are quite all right.'

Mrs Andrews felt happier when she heard this. 'And',

she said, 'our cat is very clever. She almost talks.'

The policeman was getting rather tired. 'Well then,' he

said, 'why don't you put your telephone down? Perhaps she

is trying to telephone you now.'

What had Mrs Andrews got ?

Was it the cat's first, second, or third winter ?

What happened one evening ?

Where was the cat when this happened ?

What did Mrs Andrews do ?

Did she find the cat ?

What did she do then ?

What did she say ?

What was the policeman's answer ?

How did Mrs Andrews feel after that ?

What did she say ?

How was the policeman feeling now ?

What did he say to Mrs Andrews ?


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