Whenever it rained, water came through Nasreddin's roof,

so one day he got his ladder, climbed up on to the roof and

began to mend it. It was quite difficult and dangerous work.

While he was up there, he suddenly saw an old man in

the street. This man was waving to him. He wanted Nasreddin to come down. Nasreddin thought, 'What has

happened? What news has this man got for me?' So he

climbed down the ladder quickly. Several times he slipped

and nearly broke his neck. When he got to the bottom, the

old man said,' I am a poor man. Please give me some money.'

Nasreddin was very angry, but he said, 'Come up.' He

helped the old man to climb up the ladder and on to the roof.

Then he said to him, 'I am a poor man too. I have no money

for you. And now go down alone. I will not help you.'

What happened whenever it rained ?

What did Nasreddin do ?

What was this work like ?

Whom did he see in the street ?

When did he see this person ?

What did Nasreddin think ?

What did he do ?

What happened while he was doing this ?

What did the old man say when Nasreddin got to the bottom ?

How did Nasreddin feel ?

What did he say ?

What did he do ?

What did he say when they were on the roof ? 


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