Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page27)

Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page27)


Many years ago, an English family were living in China.

One evening an important Chinese officer came to visit them.

It got later and later, and he still did not go, so his hostess

invited him to have dinner with them. But she had very little

food in the house, so she quickly went to the kitchen and spoke

to her Chinese cook. He said, 'It is all right. You will have a very good dinner.'

When they all sat down to eat, the lady was very surprised,

because there was a lot of very good food on the table.

After the dinner, the hostess ran to the kitchen and said

to the cook, 'How did you make such a good meal in half an hour?'

'I did not make it, madam,' he said. 'I sent one of the

servants to the Chinese officer's house, and he brought back

the Chinese officer's dinner.'

When did this story happen ?

Where were the English family living ?

What happened one evening ?

What did the hostess do ?

Why did she do this ?

Why did she go to the kitchen ?

What did the cook say ?

What did the English family and the Chinese officer do then ?

How did the lady feel ?

Why did she feel like this ?

What did she do after the dinner ?

What did she say to the cook ?

What was his answer ? 


Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page27)
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