A man had some work to do in Switzerland, so he said goodbye to his wife at the airport, got into an aeroplane and left.

After ten days, his work in Switzerland was finished, so he

bought a ticket for his journey back home, and then went

to the post-office to send a telegram to his wife. He wrote

the telegram, gave it to the clerk and said, 'How much will this cost?'

She told him, and he counted his Swiss money. He had not got quite enough.

'Take the word "love" off my telegram,' he said, 'and

then I will have enough money to pay for it.'

'No,' the girl said. She opened her handbag, took the

money for the word 'love' out of it and said, 'For the word

"love", I will pay the money. Wives need that word from their husbands.'

Why did the man in this story go to Switzerland ?

What did he do at the airport ?

What happened after ten days ?

What did he do then ?

Why did he go to the postoffice ?

What did he do there ?

What did he say to the clerk ?

What did she do ?

What did the man do then ?

Had he got enough money ?

What did he say then ?

What did the girl say ?

What did she do ?

What did she say then ?


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