Three people were walking along a street, first a big man,

then a pretty woman, and then an old gentleman. The first

two went round a corner. Suddenly the gentleman saw a

piece of paper on the ground. He picked it up. It was five

pounds. A few seconds later, the young woman came back.

She was crying. 'I have dropped five pounds,' she said.

'Don't cry', said the gentleman. 'Here it is.' The young

woman thanked him and went away. After a few seconds,

the big man came back. He was looking for something.

Suddenly a window opened and a small man looked out. 'I

saw five pounds fall from your pocket,' he said, 'but that man

gave it to a young woman.' The big man was very angry. The

gentleman was frightened and gave him another five pounds.

When he had gone, the young woman came back to get her

one pound sixty-seven pence, and the small man came out to get his.

What people were walking along the street at the beginning of this story ?

What did the first two do ?

What happened then ?

What did the old gentleman do ?

What was the piece of paper ?

What happened then ?

What was the young woman doing ?

What did she say ?

What did the old gentleman say ?

What did the young woman do ?

What happened then ?

What was the big man doing ?

What happened after that ?

What did the man at the window say ?

How did the big man feel ?

How did the old gentleman feel ?

What did he do ?

What happened when the old

gentleman went away ?

How much did the young

woman get ?

What were these three people ?


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