Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page42)

Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page42)

Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page42)
Thursday, July 1, 2021


A young air force officer had a very beautiful wife. Early

each morning he left his house and went to the airport, and

an hour later his wife always left the house too, with a big

white towel, and went for a walk on the beach.

Her husband always flew over every morning, and when

she saw his aeroplane, she held the white towel high above

her head. When her husband saw it, he made either the left

wing or the right wing of his aeroplane go down. The left

wing meant, 'I will be busy tonight and won't be home.'

The right wing meant, 'In eight hours I will be holding you

in my arms.'

One morning he flew over with eight other aeroplanes, and

his left wing went down. Before his wife had time to feel sad

about this, all the other aeroplanes flew over, and each of

them turned its right wing down.

Who are the two people at the beginning of this story ?

When did the man in this story leave his house ?

Where did he go ?

When did his wife leave the house ?

What did she take with her ?

Where did she go ?

What happened every morning after that ?

What did the officer's wife do ?

When did she do it ?

What did her husband do then ?

When did he do this ?

What did the left wing mean ?

What did the right wing mean ?

What happened one morning ?

Which wing went down ?

What did the other aeroplanes do ? 


Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page42)
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