Billy was four years old, and he was a very bad boy. Everyday after lunch his mother took him to his bedroom and put him on his bed to rest for an hour, but Billy never slept and

usually he made a lot of noise and got off his bed every few minutes.

One afternoon, Billy's mother put him on his bed and

then went to her bedroom to do some sewing. After ten

minutes, she heard a noise so she went to Billy's room. He

was not there, but his trousers were lying on his bed.

She looked in the other rooms upstairs, but he was not

there either, so she went to the top of the stairs and shouted

down angrily, 'Are you running about down there without your trousers?'

'No, madam,' answered a man's voice. 'I have brought

your vegetables—and I am wearing my trousers.'

How old was Billy ?

What kind of boy was he ?

What happened every day ?

When did it happen ?

Why did Billy's mother put

him on his bed ?

What did Billy do then ?

What happened one afternoon ?

Why did Billy's mother go to her bedroom ?

What happened after ten minutes ?

What did Billy's mother do then ?

What did she see in Billy's room ?

What did she do then ?

What did she see ?

What did she do after that ?

What did she shout ?

How did she shout this ?

Who answered ?

What did he say ? 


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