Mrs Jones was still cleaning the house when her husband

came back from work. She was wearing dirty, old clothes

and no stockings, her hair was not tidy, she had dust on her

face, and she looked dirty and tired. Her husband looked at

her and said, 'Is this what I come home to after a hard day's work?'

Mrs Jones's neighbour, Mrs Smith, was there. When she

heard Mr Jones's words, she quickly said goodbye and ran

back to her house. Then she washed, brushed and combed

her hair carefully, put on her best dress and her prettiest

stockings, painted her face, and waited for her husband to come home.

When he arrived, he was hot and tired. He walked slowly

into the house, saw his wife and stopped. Then he shouted

angrily, 'And where are you going this evening?'

What was Mrs Jones doing ?

What happened while she was doing this ?

What was Mrs Jones wearing ?

What did her hair look like ?

What did her face look like ?

What did Mrs Jones look like ?

What did her husband say ?

Who was there too ?

What did Mrs Smith do when she heard Mr Jones's words ?

How was her husband when he arrived ?

What did he do ?

What did he shout ?

How did he shout this ? 


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