The ladies' club always had a meeting every Friday afternoon and someone came to talk to them about important

things. After that, they had tea and asked questions.

One Friday, a gentleman came and talked to the club about

food. 'There is not enough food in the world for everybody,'

he said. 'More than half the people in the world are hungry.

And when they get more food, they have more babies, so

they never stop being hungry. Somewhere in the world, a

woman is having a baby every minute, day and night. What

are we going to do about it?' He waited for a few seconds before

he continued, but before he began to speak again, one of the

ladies said, 'Well, why don't we find that woman and stop her?'

What happened every Friday afternoon ?

What happened at the meeting ?

What happened after that ?

What happened one Friday ?

What did the man say ?

What question did he ask ?

What did he do then ?

What did one of the ladies say ? 


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