One day when Nasreddin was having a bath, he began to

sing. The bathroom was small and had a stone floor, so his

song was very beautiful, he thought.

'Oh,' he said, 'I sing very well. I will sing to other people

too, and perhaps I will become a famous singer, and everybody in the world will want to hear me.'

So after his bath Nasreddin went up on to the flat roof of

the house and began to sing his song very loudly. But he did

not like it very much when he sang it there.

A man was walking across the square in front of the house,

and when he heard Nasreddin, he said, 'What are you doing ?

You are making a terrible noise. Nobody wants to hear it.'

'Oh, you think so, do you?' answered Nasreddin. 'Well,

I really sing very beautifully. Come to my bathroom and you will hear me.'

When did Nasreddin begin to sing ?

What was the bathroom like ?

How did the song seem to Nasreddin ?

What did he say ?

What did Nasreddin do after his bath ?

What did he think of his song now ?

Who spoke to Nasreddin ?

What was this person doing ?

What did he say to Nasreddin ?

What did Nasreddin answer ? 


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