Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page36)

Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page36)

Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page36)
Thursday, July 1, 2021

Nasreddin liked fish very much, and when he had enough

money, he bought some for his dinner when he went to the

market, and took it home. But when hi? wife saw the fish,

she always said to herself, 'Good! Now I will invite my friends

to lunch an d we will eat this fish. They like fish very much.'

So whe n Nasreddin came home in the evening after his

work, the fish was never there, and his wife always said, 'Oh,

your cat ate it! She is a very bad animal!' And she gave Nasreddin soup and rice for his dinner.

But one evening when this happened, Nasreddin became

very angry. He took the cat and his wife to the shop near his

house and weighed the cat carefully. Then he turned to his

wife and said, 'My fish weighed two kilos. This cat weighs

two kilos too. My fish is here, you say. Then where is my cat?'

What did Nasreddin like very much ?

When did he buy some of this ?

What did he buy it for ?

What did he do with it then ?

What did his wife say to herself when she saw it ?

What happened when

Nasreddin came home ?

What did his wife always say ?

What did she give Nasreddin for his dinner ?

How did Nasreddin feel one evening when this happened ?

What did he do ?

What did he say to his wife then ? 


Elementary Stories For Reproduction 1 (page36)
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