Every Saturday, Nasreddin went to the market to buy food

and other things. He put them in a big basket, but he was

old and weak, so he always paid another man to carry the

basket home for him. But one Saturday, while he was walking

home in front of the man with the basket, the man ran away with it.

The next Saturday, when Nasreddin went to the market

again, a friend of his said, 'Look, there he is! That man stole your things last week!'

Nasreddin at once hid behind a shop, and stayed there

until the man left the market.

His friend was very surprised. 'Why did you do that?' he asked.

'Well,' said Nasreddin, 'that man was carrying my basket

when he left me a week ago. He will want me to pay him for

seven days' work, and that will cost me more than a basketfull of things!'

What did Nasreddin do every Saturday ?

Why did he do this ?

What did he do with the things ?

What did he do then ?

Why did he do this ?

What happened one Saturday ?

What was Nasreddin doing when this happened ?

What did Nasreddin do the next Saturday ?

What did a friend of his say ?

What did Nasreddin do ?

When did he come out ?

How did his friend feel about this ?

What did he say ?

What was Nasreddin's answer ?


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