Once, when Nasreddin was a boy, his mother went out for

a picnic. Before she went, she said to him, 'Nasreddin, while

I am away, stay near the door, and watch it all the time.' She

said this because there were a lot of thieves in their town.

Nasreddin sat down beside the door. After an hour one

of his uncles came. He said to Nasreddin, 'Where is your mother?'

'At a picnic,' he answered.

'Well,' said the uncle, 'we are going to visit your house

this evening. Go and tell her!'

His uncle then went away, and Nasreddin began to think.

'Mother said, "Watch the door all the time!" and Uncle said, "Go and tell her"!'

He thought and thought, then at last, he pulled the door

down, put it on his back and went to his mother with it!

When did this story happen ?

What did Nasreddin's mother do ?

What did she say to him ?

When did she say it ?

Why did she say this ?

What did Nasreddin do ?

What happened after an hour ?

What did Nasreddin's uncle say ?

What did Nasreddin answer ?

What did his uncle say then ?

What did Nasreddin do then ?

What did he think ?

What did he do at last ?


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